Academy of Classical & Contemporary Dance Recital Information in Chesapeake, VA


  • DATE: SUNDAY, JUNE 11th, 2017
  • TIME: 1:00 PM show & 4:30 PM show
  • 3701 Willett Drive
    Portsmouth, VA 23509
    (757) 393-5144
For the first show, dancers need to be backstage no later than 11:30am. Kinderdancers & Tots N’ Tutus need to be back-stage no later than 12:15pm. For the second show, dancers need to be backstage by 3:30. All dancers should enter back-stage via the backstage entrance to the theatre. This entrance is to the right of the front doors. One person should bring the dancer backstage and then make their way to the front of the theatre.
Other than volunteers, no parents will be allowed backstage at any time during the recital. There is a parking lot right across the street from the theatre. Please send a snack with your dancer.... nothing that will stain their costumes. Dancers are required to stay through the finale on Sunday.


  • DATE: FRIDAY, JUNE 9th, 2017
  • TIME: Start at 6:00 PM
A full dress rehearsal is scheduled for Friday, June 9th, 2017. Dancers in the first show need to be back stage by 5:00. Rehearsal will start promptly at 5:30. Students in the second show should arrive at 7:00. The second show rehearsal will start at 7:30.As soon as your child has completed their dance(s), they are free to leave.
ATTENDANCE AT DRESS REHEARSAL IS MANDATORY. Any dancer who does not attend dress rehearsal will not be permitted to perform in the recital.
This is a full dress rehearsal; dancers should come just as they would for the recital, i.e., costume, make-up, hair, etc. All dancers need stage make-up. Younger dancers need light make-up application. Older dancers should wear heavier make-up, including false eyelashes. All dancers need foundation, powder, earth tone eye shadow (not blue), blush, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. Nail polish is not to be worn and only clear stud earrings are acceptable.
Hair is to be pulled straight back into a bun at the crown – NO BANGS OR POOF.


  • DATE: Monday, May 1, 2017
  • TIME: 4:00-8:00 PM
  • COST: $15.00 each
  • PLACE: ACCD Studio
GENERAL SEATING TICKETS will be on sale at the studio, starting Monday, May 1st. Tickets will be on sale Monday-Friday up until the week of the show. Tickets may also be purchased at the door. Prior to the day of the show, tickets will be sold at the studio, NOT THE THEATRE. Tickets are non-refundable. Ticket price is $15.00 per seat. Tickets will be color coded for each show. Please make your checks payable to ACCD.


  • DATE: Monday, April 17th – Sunday, June 11th
  • COST: $40.00
We will be hiring the same company as last year to do the video the recital. The cost for a DVD is $40.00 per show. There will be no personal video taping of the recital. Video cameras will not be permitted inside the Willett Hall Theatre. You may order a video anytime between April 17th and the day of the recital. Upon completion, videos are delivered to the studio. You will be notified of their arrival. Please make your checks payable to ACCD and hand them into the office. They can also offer Blue Ray for $45.00, if you prefer.


  • DATE: Monday, April 17th – Friday, May 19th
  • COST: $14.00 – $16.00
Orders for recital t-shirts will be taken from Monday, April 17th through Friday, May 19th, 2017. Students wear their t-shirts in the finale WITH A PAIR OF JEANS. Students will pick up their shirts on the day of the recital. Prices are $14.00 for a child size and $16.00 for an adult size. Order forms will be available in the office. Please make your checks payable to ACCD.


  • DATE: Monday, April 17th – Friday, May 19th
  • COST: $1.00
For $1.00, you can send a wish for GOOD LUCK to a dancer. Messages are restricted to 70 characters per wish. You may send as many wishes as you like. Each wish is a $1.00. The “Wish Page” will be included in the program. The wish box will be in the lobby of the studio from April 17th to May 19th.


  • DATE: Friday, May 19th for Friday classes only. Saturday, May 20th & Sunday, May 21st.
  • PLACE: ACCD Studio
Pictures have been scheduled for Friday, May 19th, Saturday, May 20th, and Sunday, May 21st 2017. Pictures are taken at the studio. Everyone has been receiving sewing instructions with their costumes which stipulate all necessary items needed. A schedule will be sent out closer to the day of pictures.


  • DATE: Monday, April 10th – Friday, May 5th
Please turn in your ad the way you want it to appear in the program along with your payment (payable to ACCD) to the office by May 12th. All ads will be in black and white. Full: $50, Half: $25 or ¼ or Business Card: $15.


  • DATE: Monday, May 1nd – Friday, May 26th
You may place a flower order for your dancer. Flowers will be available for pick-up at Willett Hall in the foyer, prior to the start of the show. Details are attached.


***** As stated in the policy and information sheet given out at the beginning of the year, tuition is based on yearly amount of classes, not a monthly amount. Tuition is then broken up into 10 equal installments. Therefore, your last tuition payment will be due to the studio by June 5th. Your amount will be the same as it has been all year.

Attendance at dress rehearsal is restricted to parents only. Dancers are required to stay for their entire show on Sunday. Please meet your child as soon as possible at the conclusion of the show. All dancers under the age of 10 will be picked up in their dressing room.

Everyone has been receiving sewing instructions with their costumes which stipulate all necessary items needed for the show.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask someone in the office. Thank you very much; we look forward to a great recital!!!!!

The office phone number is (757) 436-1345.
Email is