Dance Classes in Chesapeake, VA

We are pleased to offer a variety of dance opportunities, with something for everyone. Our students range from three years old through adults and you'll find boys and girls in virtually every age level that we teach. For nearly all of our classes we offer basic, intermediate and advance level sessions, grouping students with similar skill levels together, regardless of age. This allows us to focus on developing skills and technique with less emphasis on student age.
Ballet Dancer — Dance Academy in Chesapeake, VA


This is the classical ballet dance that progresses from basic steps and movements to complete production-quality, intricate interpretations that move the body and soul.
Tap Dancing — Dance Academy in Chesapeake, VA


One of our more popular classes, tap teaches sharp movements and precise body control, combining the performance of dance with the artistic accompaniment of music and rhythm.
Modern Dancing — Dance Academy in Chesapeake, VA


Jazz dance is an active, more freeing style that combines the grace and movements of ballet with more modern expressions and movements. We have found Jazz is a great course of study for students eager to learn dance, but not crazy about ballet.


Just what you think it is – the latest dance styles and moves. This class is more than the latest moves from the dance floor. Our students learn the mechanics and principles of Hip Hop so they can create their own, unique dance expression.


Modern dance helps the students learn to express themselves and/or convey a message through the art of dance.
Lyrical Dancing — Dance Academy in Chesapeake, VA


Using strong ballet technique, lyrical dance is an interpretive style of dance often telling a story through movement.
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